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Since 2004, 24/7 Hosting has offered web-hosting only to known clients or those recommended by trusted associates; principally, small businesses and low-bandwidth customers, with very few exceptions. We believe and strive in providing a strong personal service to our customers, to maximise their benefits and meet their expectations, then maintain those relationships long-term.

What are their priorities? Well, one of the most fundamental objectives of these types of client is RELIABILITY – it's as simple as that! Everyone likes affordability too – the problem with finding an ultra-reliable hosting package is that they're more expensive than those of typical basic shared hosting providers. Why? 99.995% uptime (as close to the perfect optimum as one may sensibly expect without using mirrored servers) requires a web server of top-quality and one that is not shared with any other hosting companies or unknown end-users – we have our own Cloud servers exclusively for our customers, fully managed 24/7/365 by our staff and the datacentre technical support team. We currently use Dell hardware, fitted only with solid-state drives (SSDs), for ultra-reliability and speed.

Additionally, we protect our customers' data by backing up their accounts i.e. website data and email, hourly, daily, weekly and monthly!

How many providers do you know who take that much care? It's one thing to have security against downtime (by using fully-redundant hardware systems), but who can honestly say they have never deleted an important file or email and come to regret that no data backups were in place? It matters not that the server is still running when a key file or important email is missing in your web account and YOU were responsible! We've got you covered ...

Furthermore, sensible use of bandwidth and load spreading, along with our policy of refusing to allow any known resource-hungry websites to be hosted, e.g. no Warez; no Bit Torrents; no Anime; no ROMs & Emulators; no IRC, no streaming; no commercial Bulk advertising (SPAM) etc. All of these exclusions help to maintain optimum reliability and uptime!

In respect of affordable Web Hosting packages, we strongly believe that there's no such thing as unlimited resources like disk space, bandwidth, email accounts, databases etc., whereas we do believe that we offer generous and feasible solutions, ALWAYS well-within the capabilities of each web server, with huge overheads of bandwidth available should your traffic levels go ballistic! All packages are bespoke – what you need, when you need it, unless you're simply far too big to fit our particular business model – in our case, small(ish) but perfect is the most desirable combination! :)

With our recent growth has come the acquisition of more server hardware, so we have opened opportunities for individuals and small business owners that we don't know to purchase hosting packages from us, to take advantage of our proven systems as outlined above.

You'll get highest-quality hosting and personal service when you invest in a year's contract and, for your peace-of-mind, a 30-day money back guarantee (excluding domain registration charges if you order a new one with the package). If you prefer to pay for your hosting month-by-month, then equivalent packages are available.

This is NOT budget hosting and the package prices will deter the majority of free-lunchers/loaders – serious small business owners will however consider that the packages are good value for the performance and features that will be provided. What else do you get for this investment? Our commitment to dealing with your enquiries with urgency, by telephone and email, at any time you wish to call.

If you are needing us to buy you a new domain (and you order the correct type of package) we will be in touch straight away by telephone to discuss your options and choose the domain from what's available – please ensure your telephone number is correct on the purchase order form!

If you're needing a Web Hosting package that's larger or different to these selected packages we'll be happy to discuss a bespoke solution, or if you really are much larger than our ideal business model can sensibly support, we'll be pleased to quote you for your own dedicated server(s) or point you to a recommended alternative. In which case please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and include your telephone details with contact info.


Site re-development mid-July 2012

During this period of site updates we ask that you please contact us directly, either by telephone or email – please visit our Contact Us page.

Featured Products

Delta 250 Web Account (Yearly)

Delta 250 Web Account (Yearly)


250MB of Linux Webspace with 5GB/month of traffic bandwidth included + Backups

Delta 500 Web Account (Monthly) + US Domain

Delta 500 Web Account (Monthly) + US Domain


500MB of Linux Webspace with 10GB/month of traffic bandwidth included + Backups.
Includes US domain (.com, .net, .org, .biz, .info etc) and its complete management, registered in your name (or business name). Note: UK domains are registered for 2 years, therefore the add-on cost covers this period, whereas US domains are costed per year.

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